Aluminium Folding Ladder

SKU : 504

Folding Ladders are manufactured from high tensile aluminium alloye. These ladders can easily fold and store. These ladders are widely used in industries, homes, offices, shops.

Features Aluminium Folding Ladder:

Easily fold and store

Light weight-easily carrying by one person

Manufactured from high tensile aluminium alloye

Technical Specifications

Sides : Channel Section 2 5/8" X 1 1/4" Dia. Approx

Rungs : 1" Dia. Non-Slip Corrugated Tubing at 10"/12" Center to Center or as suitable

Height ( in feet) Available
5 Ft
6 Ft
8 Ft
10 Ft
12 Ft
14 Ft
15 Ft
16 Ft
18 Ft
20 Ft