FRP Wall Single Ladder

SKU : 614

Wall Single ladders are manufactured from Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic – composite material. These ladders are in light in weight. offer long lifespan,excellent build quality and are designed to withstand heavy use. For a little additional expenditure as compared to Aluminum ladders there are a host of advantages like resistance to corrosion, electrically resistant and being all weather proof. These ladder is shock proof.

Features of Wall Single Ladder:

Fire Resistant

Electrically Resistanat

Corrosion & Rust Resistant

Weather Proof

Dust & Water Proof

Light Weight

Convenient & Safe

Technical Specifications

Sides : Channel Section 2 5/8" X 1 1/4" Dia. Approx

Rungs : 1" Dia. Non-Slip Corrugated Tubing at 10"/12" Center to Center or as suitable

Height ( in feet) Available
6 Ft
8 Ft
10 Ft
12 Ft
14 Ft
15 Ft
16 Ft
18 Ft
20 Ft