Aluminium Road Star Tower Ladder

SKU : 507

Road Star Tower Ladders are manufactured from high tensile aluminium alloye. These ladders are used in sturdy construction and are designed for street light. These ladders are widely used in industries, offices, shops. Extending section adjusts intermediately reinforced with special M.S. railing to enable safe climbing. Equipped with M.S. fabricated spoke type wheels 3ft. to 4ft. mounted on axle, leaf spring, rubber shoes platform, waste high cage for workman safety.

Features of Road Star Tower Ladder:

Light weight

Fire Proof

Rust Proof

Dust Proof

Technical Specifications

Sides : Channel Section 2 5/8" X 1 1/4" Dia. Approx

Rungs : 1" Dia. Non-Slip Corrugated Tubing at 10"/12" Center to Center or as suitable

     Closed Extended
      10 Ft       17 Ft
12 Ft 21 Ft
14 Ft 25 Ft
16 Ft 29 Ft / 30 Ft
18 Ft 32 Ft
20 Ft 35 Ft
23 Ft 40 Ft
24 Ft 43 Ft